American Eagle Outfitters Joins Two Tap Gateway

Two Tap is proud to welcome American Eagle Outfitters to the Two Tap Gateway.

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the leading teenage fashion retailers selling on-trend clothing and accessories. American Eagle Outfitters is part of the CJ Affiliate program and recently won the New Advertiser of the Year award at the recent CJU event in Santa Barbara.

“We are really excited about working with the TwoTap team to identify ways to not only enhance the check-out experience, but to reduce bounce rates, increase product sales & improve overall program performance & publisher commissions through higher conversion rates” – Alyson Raymond, Affiliate Marketing Manager with CJ Affiliate by Conversant

We had the opportunity to sit down with members of the American Eagle Outfitters team to learn more about their business. Here is what they had to say:

Advertiser Spotlight: American Eagle Outfitters

What can you tell us about American Eagle Outfitters?

We are a specialty retailer offering high quality, on trend clothing & accessories at affordable prices, targeting the 15-25 year old shopper. We work to craft our clothing to fit everyone’s individual style & we pride ourselves in being America’s favorite denim brand. Aerie for American Eagle Outfitters is also part of the AEO family, offering naturally sexy lingerie for the girl next door; bras, undies & more that are all made with love & attention to even the smallest detail.

What kinds of publisher partners is American Eagle Outfitters looking to work with?

Our goal is to expand brand awareness & grow our customer acquisition. We want to tailor to each customer’s need whether it be through cash back, price comparison, donations to a favorite cause, coupons, or content. We would love to partner with publishers of all sizes who are interested in promoting the American Eagle Outfitters brand in exchange for a revenue share. If you are interested in joining the AEO affiliate program, you can sign up via the link below, or you can reach out to with any questions!

Note: More details on joining the American Eagle Outfitters affiliate campaign at the end of this post.

What are some hot selling items right now?

Our product focus for holiday is around sweaters, sweater dresses, cold weather accessories, plaid, outerwear & denim. We offer a gifting section that includes our holiday favorites & gifts by price to enhance the customer shopping experience as our customers are looking for specific items to give & get for the holiday season.

How to Work with American Eagle Outfitters on Two Tap

Grow your business and generate income from promoting products from American Eagle Outfitters today.
Start earning a commission for completed orders sold and sent through the Two Tap Gateway and boost your online business. Choose the model that is best suited for your business.

Model 1: If you are a publisher already part of the CJ Affiliate network, your existing affiliate ID will work within the CJ Affiliate platform. Use this link to sign up to the American Eagle Outfitters campaign on CJ Affiliate.

Contact Two Tap to learn more about integrating our tools for increased conversion and enabling a seamless checkout experience.

Model 2: If you are just starting to promote American Eagle Outfitters products, Two Tap can handle all payment terms. You will get paid directly a commission by Two Tap for completed orders sent through the Two Tap Gateway.

Requirement: In both models, we require that all publishers Create An Account on Two Tap. By creating an account on Two Tap, publishers have the ability to access granular sales data.

Join the program and spread the news by sharing with your fellow publisher community friends.

Product Update: Supporting Site-Wide Coupons

The power of influence in driving shopping behavior and decisions is real. Information is powerful. When you know more you are equipped differently (good or bad) to make a decision. Since launching Two Tap in 2013, we continue to work towards delivering on our mission to “Provide the most intelligent set of API tools enabling eCommerce to happen everywhere”. We believe in enabling access to information when needed most – and in our business it is at the intention point in the purchase funnel.

Delivering on our mission began with one of our core features, the real-time product availability API that delivers an accurate shopping experience to the consumer by displaying only the products and specific product attributes that are in stock. From there we continued to improve our tools by estimating shipping and sales tax within the checkout experience.

We continued product development by adding the ability to display different product galleries for different product colors. That led to adding support for complete product descriptions and displaying retailer return policies. Supporting our mission to deliver on equipping consumers with information they need to make personalized shopping experiences, we added the ability for the consumer to pick a shipping option (cheapest or fastest) directly inside the Two Tap Cart.

At this point all of these features are readily available to thousands of retailers, without requiring any kind of integration. We were missing coupons though.

Coupons are an influence tool that retailers often use to push a consumer from initial interest to a completed purchase. They also have a large influence on increasing loyalty. Coupons also have the power to make the consumer feel happier with their shopping decision knowing they they were able to apply a coupon and take advantage of a great deal.

While coupon support was always baked into Two Tap, we had no way of knowing if a coupon is valid, and if it was, for what value. When someone added a coupon inside the Two Tap Cart we would have to ask the shopper to confirm the order once we knew if the coupon was valid or not. Not the best experience.

Introducing network-wide coupon support

We’re happy to announce that estimating site-wide coupons directly inside the Two Tap Cart is now live. Starting today, if a store has a coupon for “50% off any order of $150 or more” for example, Two Tap will show and accurately display that discount directly inside all shopping carts.

While Two Tap can not estimate product/category specific coupons, we’ve improved our existing infrastructure to return a descriptive label.

If you have currently integrated the Two Tap Cart, the good news is you don’t have to do anything to activate this feature. Coupon estimation has been enabled in the background.

If you are using the API we’ve updated our cart/estimates docs here:

Publisher Spotlight: Miner

We are proud to highlight Miner, one of our many publisher partners here at Two Tap.

Miner is a leading online shopping app that makes buying clothes easier than ever. Miner provides access to the latest styles and sales from your favorite stores, all in one beautiful iPhone app. The Miner team is committed to creating the gold standard for mobile shopping.

Prior to using Two Tap, Miner did not have a checkout process in place. By integrating Two Tap, Miner has been able to deliver a seamless checkout experience for all of their users.

Implementing the Two Tap Cart has enabled Miner to deliver:

  • Universal checkout across their supported retailer stores. Shoppers can buy items from various stores all in one place without leaving their app.
  • Billing and shipping information is entered once by the shopper. This allows a more hassle-free checkout experience.
  • Real-time product information and availability to the shopper. This gives shoppers the peace of mind that orders are 100% accurate.

Users of Miner are fashion forward millennials looking to search for items across a variety of retailers in one app experience. Miner featues brands such as Forever 21, H&M, Banana Republic, Free People, J Brand, Saks, Bloomingdales and many more.

We welcome Miner to the Two Tap Network!

Download the Miner app here

Interested in becoming a publisher? Learn more here

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Announcement: CJ Affiliate Partners with Two Tap

We are proud to announce our partnership today with CJ Affiliate during their annual CJU conference in Santa Barbara. Two Tap is revolutionizing eCommerce by delivering a universal checkout technology that allows consumers to seamlessly transact everywhere.

“This partnership allows marketers to redefine their online shopping experience,” said Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, Lisa Riolo. “The days of researching products on one site and having to purchase them on another are over.”

CJ Affiliate by Conversant selected Two Tap as its exclusive technology supplier to power seamless checkout experiences across its network of publishers and retailers. After evaluating other options in the market, CJ Affiliate chose Two Tap for a number of reasons including our scale and adoption thus far, our proprietary Pass-Through Model and our real-time product availability API that checks if a product is in stock before an order is placed.

“Redefining how shoppers transact online has been our sole focus from day one, and I’m thrilled that CJ Affiliate has chosen us to enable this across their entire network,” said CEO of Two Tap, Razvan Roman. “Two Tap is the first and only one to offer this capability and we believe it will forever change the way we shop online.”

Start activating your in-app buy button and commerce API with CJ Affiliate by Conversant, powered by Two Tap. Free sign-up and no integration required.

Retailers love Two Tap as we have made getting started simple. No integration required. No infrastructure maintenance required. Just sign up and start approving channels to sell to. Are you a retailer? Learn more and sign up today

Say Goodbye to Abandoned Shopping Carts for Good

Today’s digital consumer is connected like never before. On any given minute, they are interacting on multiple devices and showing intent by clicking, sharing and posting. For retailers, this presents both an opportunity and challenge, especially considering most shoppers now spend most of their time in discovery apps.

The greatest “currency” for a retailer other than completed transactions is loyalty to their brand.
If false information such as the availability of a product is mis-communicated, or shipping information is incorrect this causes incredible frustration to the consumer. The last thing you want is to have a product become popular and then out of stock after shoppers get excited. Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

eMarketer reports that Retail accounts for 22% of digital ad spend. The largest percentage followed by automotive, financial services and telecom.

Why waste valuable ad spend dollars on delivering false digital experiences for your consumer? If part of the product information is missing or incorrect not only are you wasting dollars, but are left with a pool of customers that will most likely associate negative experiences with your store brand.

If you are a retailer it’s time to realize that shoppers are interacting with your products outside of your e-commerce platform most of the time. Not being able to deliver relevant and trustworthy information about these products, and most importantly real-time availability is a bad experience to shoppers, especially if they became excited before trying to buy.
You can no longer afford to let your customers down.

Here is a classic scenario:

Consumer spots the perfect pair of blue shoes for the big day in an app. Score! Wait, what? the product is unavailable? Bummer!

Retailers need to reach their consumer at the right time, on the right device, the right channel AND with real-time product information. Retailers can no longer afford to lose valuable transactions due to unreliable product information and often at times simply the connection of information being broken.

Suggest to your partners, publishers, affiliates and app developers to start using the Two Tap API that delivers real-time info on the products added to a cart by shoppers. By having real-time information about products app developers can always build the best experience and make sure that the shoppers are always in the know about products.

By using Two Tap’s API publishers and retailers alike can forget synching product catalogs
or 3rd Party Order Management systems.

Source: eMarketer US Digital Ad Spending Share by Industry 2015 March 2015

What the Pinterest “Buy” button means for E-Commerce

Retailers are starting to experiment with adding the ability for consumers to buy products directly in app sessions from an array of partner ecosystems. The announcement from Pinterest is incredibly positive and validating for the entire e-commerce industry. At the same time it also raises questions for the retailer. It’s a great time to explore some of these questions and concerns as they relate to pushing mobile e-commerce forward.

First: The consumer wins. Allowing consumers to buy at the point of discovery is a huge time saver and conversion rates always follow. While in the path of discovery, a product is identified and the consumer wants to, and now is able to, complete the purchase immediately.

Next: The app developer ecosystem wins. A great amount of focus and app development is being spent building unique and inspiring experiences that capture the consumer’s intent. The e-commerce space is evolving and recent news shows that retailers are adapting while allowing select app developers to facilitate purchasing directly on their platforms.

Some of the challenges that app developers are actively addressing are:

  • Correct Purchase Attribution — affiliate platforms limit performance, especially on mobile platforms where the old cookie attribution system is not working properly
  • A consistent API that gives access to all retailers full inventory.Instead of looking to integrate individual retailer APIs, all app developers require a single stop service provider that has reliable stock information and can safely and reliably place an order for ANY product within the retailer’s inventory.
  • Real-time inventory data — essential for shoppers.
  • Analytics layer with granular sales data that can be used to build intelligent consumer facing experiences.

Lastly retailers who source and merchandise products have real concerns about who can have access to sell their inventory remotely. Some aspects of the interaction are essential:

  • Clearly identifying who sells the product by fully displaying the product info, price, availability, retailer logo, return policy and anything else related to buying such a product.
  • Automatically receiving an order in their backend system so they can make deliveries as per usual.
  • Ability to send the same standard confirmation email to a shopper so they clearly know where they’re transacting from.
  • Privacy and security assurances as they relate to the shopper’s data
  • Analytics layer and full control over who gets access to selling their inventory
  • Clear sales reporting with 100% accurate sales attribution

The Two Tap team applauds the emerging forward progress. As detailed in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report, e-commerce counts for 9% of Retail Sales. This percentage has doubled over the past ten years and only continues to grow rapidly.

The rise of mobile devices has caused fragmentation of online shopping consumption. It is our job, as an industry, to address the rapid shift in consumer habits while keeping the consumer engaged on the right device and at the right time.

Two Tap is addressing these challenges head on by delivering:

  • Scale – Two Tap has over 800+ supported retailer integrations with over 1000 publisher relationships enabling access to hundreds of millions of products from the largest retailers. Two Tap currently serves millions of products monthly through our distribution network.
  • Universality – Two Tap’s universal shopping cart allows visitors to automatically buy any product from any retailer on any device, app or website by delivering the most advanced product availability API. Two Taps universal shopping cart works on any platform 24/7.
  • Retailer Control – The order payment, fulfillment and confirmation are managed by our retailer partners allowing the control and transparency to remain with the retailer.
  • Reliability – Two Tap delivers real-time product availability information before any order is started.
  • Security – PCI DSS certification ensures the highest level security and is coupled with a retailer’s existing fraud mechanisms.

Exciting times are ahead and The Two Tap team continues to believe in delivering:

  • A universal checkout for the entire Web
  • Extending and simplifying online shopping experiences everywhere
  • Making transactions easy and secure
  • Creating seamless shopping experiences

Are you a retailer looking to extend your reach in 3rd party apps?

Are you a affiliate looking to increase your conversion rates?

Get in touch!

We’re excited to share exciting news ahead, so stay tuned!

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Happy Shopping

The Two Tap Team

Quicky: Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service in 4 lines of code for any retailer

In case you haven’t read about it yet, Amazon launched a tiny button that orders stuff (like consumables) automatically when you press it. It’s called Amazon Dash. They also announced a program for partners called Amazon Dash Replenishment Service where device makers can embed buttons for easy replenishment of consumables.

Here at the Two Tap tech department we feel this is an amazing step forward and we are look forward to bowing down to our washing machines overlords.

But as we were reading the docs we were disappointed by a couple of things: you need to have the amazon app installed, you have to be a prime member, and it takes TEN lines of code to integrate it.

Another big issue is automatic ordering with one tap. There’s no confirm step! We remember being kids and having the temptation of a shiny button just sitting there, staring at us, begging us to click it. Surely there has to be a better way.

Introducing Quicky

Quicky is needlessy reinventing the inexistent device replenishment market. We have managed to boil everything down to a total of FOUR lines of code. Which already makes it 60% better.

How to use Quicky

First you make a call to quicky.

curl "

Then you implement the sms_confirm_url on your end which can take as little as three lines of code. The implementation could probably be finished in a couple of minutes.

How Quicky works

Quicky will send a text message to the shopper’s phone with a link to start the checkout process. With one tap it opens a checkout interface inside Safari. Shoppers have to enter their data the first time (yeah, we know), and for all future orders they will only have to enter their CVV.

Now, you might think that entering the CVV every time is a hassle, but we feel this confirmation step is actually how it should work. Leaving aside ‘what does this button do’ temptations, once printers become sentient this feature is going to save humanity.

How to implement Quicky

Quicky is live, and you can starting using it NOW. The full docs are here, you can use it with any product from our 650+ supported stores. It works on any phone with a modern browser and requires no app installation.

Test out Quicky below. We’ve prefilled a product but you need to enter your phone number.


Test Quicky

function testQuicky() {
var quickyPath = ‘’;
var productURL = document.querySelector(‘#quicky_product_url’).value;
var phone = document.querySelector(‘#quicky_phone’).value;

if (!productURL || productURL.length == 0 || !phone || phone.length == 0) {
alert(“Please enter a product URL and a phone number”);

quickyPath += “?public_token=6ad2af4e0e1e2fb08de9&sms_confirm_url=”;
quickyPath += “&phone=” + phone;
quickyPath += “&products=” + productURL;

ajax.get(quickyPath, {}, function(data) {
data = JSON.parse(data);
if (data[‘message’] == ‘done’) {
alert(‘Message sent!’);
} else {
alert(“Couldn’t send the message. Are you sure you entered everything OK?”);

return false;

var el = document.querySelector(‘#test_quicky’);
el.onclick = testQuicky;

Long live our future overlords, ‘Purple Paper Eater’ and ‘Washee washee’.

Product descriptions and returns now available

Two new and important features are now available through the Two Tap API.

Return information and product description are very important pieces of information that can sway a shopper one way or the other when considering placing an order. Both are now available for any product throughout Two Tap’s supported stores.

The features are also included in Two Tap’s shopping cart. The details button displays the relevant info to the shopper:

The details popup directly in the cart:

API Updates

Hey everyone!

Here’s some updates on Two Tap’s API:

Simpler API endpoints

Our previous API endpoints were designed at the beginning of 2013. Our backend infrastructure for placing orders was significantly clunkier as we were still learning how everything should be pieced together.

Just as an example, when we initially designed Two Tap, the /purchase_confirm would actually start a whole new instance instead of waiting for confirmation. Obviously suboptimal. While we changed that a long time ago in the backend, we kept the same endpoints for legacy reasons. And this just one example.

To simplify everything we’ve decided to make some changes to how the API structure is named.

Previously there were:

  • /add_to_cart
  • /add_to_cart/status
  • /purchase_estimates
  • /purchase_info
  • /purchase_info/status
  • /purchase_confirm
  • /purchase_confirm/status

In the new version the endpoints are:

  • /cart
  • /cart/status
  • /cart/estimates
  • /purchase
  • /purchase/status
  • /purchase/confirm is backwards compatible, which means any existing code
can still use the previous naming scheme. We have no plans of removing that compatibility for as long as we keep the API at v1.0.

Secondary images

Two Tap already supported different images for different colors on each product. We now return all the available product images instead of just one per color. In the HTML5 interface you can now zoom and see images fullscreen – available throughout all integrations immediately.

We’re still processing working on enabling this for all the retailers and the teamx is expected to finish this process by the end of the week.

New dashboard design

Two Tap also rolled out a new design for our dashboard which now features a new onboarding flow which makes it easier for developers to get started with Two Tap. More features and sections will be added to this dashboard in the future.

Why scraping and ecommerce are a perfect fit

Does it really work?

If you’re new here, Two Tap is building an universal shopping cart by
scraping retailer websites. We’re creating a global API for order injection and payments.

Looking back on this year’s roadmap we’ve accomplished at lot. Two Tap now has coupon support, gift card support, shipping options, shipping estimates, instant purchases, and an availability cloud powering product crawling. No more clicks on out of stock products in apps!

Most impressive of all Two Tap now supports more than 450 retailers. When we started out almost 2 years ago the general consensus was that it’s not actually possible to build a scalable and reliable technology that mirrored the checkout process of a retailer. It’s a complex set of systems that does indeed take a long while to develop but once put to work yields some great results in terms of both conversion rates as well as allowing completely new models to be possible.

There’s now 450 pre-built integrations for stores where we can extract reliable product availability information, where Two Tap has a complete map of the checkout and can inject orders.

And it’s reliable, so much so that we always had a live and public demo page that any developer can use. All these 450 stores change regularly and have temporary issues all the time and all our systems respond in consequence. That’s how we built them from day 1. And this is all possible with a very efficient team of only 17 people as of this writing.

Retailers are the ones doing the hard work

Two Tap was built to mirror retailer checkout processes (and their unique challenges) because we understand retailers and cater to their needs.

The scale of their efforts is much larger than people realise. Merchandising, customer support, creating brand attachment, all important marketing and so much more.
The complexity is especially visible on challenges to the tech side. Retailer product teams are tasked to create perfect experiences on desktop, mobile, iPhone (3x form factors), iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and manage APIs, all the while being harmonious with the rest of the company. On the backend they need to have perfect product availability synced across hundreds of stores and their different supported app platforms. And that’s just to keep the plates spinning, not to mention creating tailored experiences for their own brands, the thing that actually separates them from the pack and creates consumer loyalty.

No two retailers are the same

In an ideal ecommerce world every retailer would have one API that we’d all communicate with. It would be instant, up to date, and it would
support all complexities. It would be easy to use and scalable.
It would be one standard supported by all retailers.

What we’ve learned is that RARELY happens in tech. Where better to look than browsers? There are only four big browsers, and it’s taken them almost four years to arrive at a consensus about how HTML5 should work.
Multiply that by a couple of thousand providers and add payment
processors to the mix to understand the scale of the issue we’re
talking about.

Retailers traditionally either move forward, or are left behind with bleeding KPIs. As a retailer, implementing an API also means bringing everything in house. Control, management, payments, all these elements would have to be rebuilt from scratch, all the while creating yet another API codebase dedicated that will have to maintained for years to come. Because once you release an API you have to assume it’s going to be used long term, on apps and websites you can’t control. To support order placing publishers and app developers would be forced to integrate hundreds of APIs, each with their own logic and format.

Scraping, the perfect solution to the biggest challenge in the space

We’re now at 450 supported retailers through Two Tap and adding 75 new ones monthly. It takes about a day to build intelligence about a new retailer’s checkout system, and our team is working on multiple integrations simultaneously.
We have a merchant support team dedicated to adding and maintaining all these integrations. Two Tap’s team can scale easily to add stores even faster in the future. For quick adoption retailers don’t have to do any work to integrate Two Tap, from their point of view these pre-built integrations already exist and are ready to be used under their control through their affiliate channels.

Reliability is key. In ecommerce it’s a disaster to lose any sale. Part of our secret is having in depth knowledge of these challenges and having built the system around specific failures on the retailer’s site and their rate of incidence.
There’s daily and weekly regression tests that help with this. More so, if an order doesn’t go through for whatever reason, a complex alerting system triggers and logic is always used to deal with a ticket: whether it’s retrying pushing the order because of a failure on the retailer’s site or actively catering to integrations (our team is 24/7 on call), order success rate hasn’t been at all impacted by the type of technology used by Two Tap. And that’s one our biggest reasons to be proud of what we’ve built, especially considering the general belief that it’s impossible to scale a system built on scraping.
Yes, it is scraping, and yes, it’s a successful and reliable solution in today’s ecosystem. It’s the only way to build independent infrastructure that can plug into any retailer site and connect the dots in today’s ecosystem. The universal buy button is finally here.

Is scraping unreliable as a concept? Yes, but the system built on top doesn’t have to be if it accounts for edge cases. The benefits of growing rapidly and being able to support thousands of retailers greatly overcompensate the few downsides and there’s an enormous amount of enthusiasm around being able to finally pull the trigger on an order from
anywhere across connected devices going to any retailer out there.

A cog in the current ecommerce space

Retailers use affiliate programs to manage their relationships with publishers and app developers. This allows retailers to manage and control who sells their products, tackle fraud, and handle payments. Networks like Commission Junction, Share A Sale, or Affiliate Window and outsourced program managers like Acceleration Partners, have decades of experiences helping retailers manage third party publishers as an acquisition channel.

Two Tap plugs right in the existing ecommerce infrastructure by being fully compatible with all affiliate solutions and allowing retailers to keep their existing control channels. Retailers are free to change their websites and Two Tap adapts to the new changes, being an umbrella and offering THE essential piece of infrastructure required by anyone that wants to bring or incorporate ecommerce in their product experience.
And publishers keep using their affiliate accounts with companies in the affiliate space.

Scraping doesn’t scale?

Just like Google’s original goal of organising the world’s information and making it available, we’re building the pipes needed to build the future of ecommerce, wherever it’s heading.

Two Tap now supports 450+ stores with a team of just 17, growing faster than anyone in the space and so far the first shopping cart to have a model that scales. Our conversion rates are amazing on mobile and we have our integration partners to thank for that.

And most of all, retailers are happy because we’re sending them more
sales, preserving their CRM data and existing tech stacks, all under their control.

Let’s talk! If you’re a retailer that wants to extend your reach with remote buying in third party apps or an affiliate that wants to increase your conversion rates with a universal shopping cart and offer the best shopping experience in your app then get in touch at hello@.