For the past six months we’ve also been working on a new product, drum roll, please – a channel management platform called The Two Tap Hub. The Hub was built for anyone that wants to resell US products on existing eCommerce platforms (e.g., Shopify) and marketplaces (coming soon).

The Hub is an evolution of the old affiliate model. It’s about retailers discovering the next generation of marketers using Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Instagram and other platforms instead of promotional methods like SEO and cashback. To that effect, we’ve changed the naming of accounts inside Two Tap; Publishers are now Resellers, and Retailers are now called Suppliers.

For decades, affiliate (or performance) marketing worked because smart people figured out how to do SEO better than the retailers, the networks focused on trust and tracking (what happens once you click on an affiliate link on Google and then go and buy). But distribution has evolved, people buy on many platforms, outside the retailer sites, intermediated by all kinds of resellers and marketers. The old affiliate link doesn’t cut it anymore, even though the underlying mechanism is the same; the marketplace vendors or small brands are not merchandising anything, but curating products from other sources.

We envision The Two Tap Hub to be an end to end solution for building an eCommerce brand based on dropshipping genuine US products. An ideal client for the Two Tap Hub are sites looking to expand inventory or add an ecommerce component. Seamlessly connect your  Shopify store, an Amazon or eBay marketplace to the Hub, and you’ll be able to sell millions of products instantly. Our DNA is performance marketing, and because of that, the Two Tap Hub will be free to use up to 5,000 products (more than enough for curating small brands). For any products sold, Two Tap will rev-share the retailers’ commission payout, meaning instead of paying for the Hub, the Hub will pay you.

We’ve created a video of how the Hub works. We hope you like it.

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