Over the past couple of years eCommerce has been undergoing rapid change. Lead by the growth of Shopify & Amazon, companies are trying out all kinds of concepts: the universal shopping cart, the buy button, deep links, contextual commerce, and more.

Two Tap started out trying to solve mobile checkout. In order to accomplish that goal we built a lot of technology to integrate with retailers without them having to do anything to support us.

While the integration layer worked well, mobile adoption struggled in terms of building a big healthy ecosystem of small publishers. eCommerce on mobile is concentrated on a handful of large players that are able to spend large amounts of money to attract users.

Over the past year we had a couple of a-ha moments which brought us back to the basics: what is Two Tap and who does Two Tap serve best.

  • At the core Two Tap is a channel partner for retailers and brands. It can take product inventory and distribute it across platforms and publishers. We build adapters that take thousands of different messy product pages and checkouts and translates them into one unified interface.
  • Two Tap’s ideal API customers are mid to large companies (> $500k in monthly GMV) that want to optimize their existing operations.

Two Tap’s core API provides

  • real time product inventory
  • order injection

And secondary features like:

  • product catalogs
  • post order injection tracking
  • coupon db
  • virtual credit cards
  • commission payouts
  • and others…

Two Tap’s 10x advantage is that it takes two days to integrate any retailer, that the retailer doesn’t have to do anything, and that it’s free to use for them.

Integrating Two Tap

Our API publisher partners usually cherry pick which features they want to use: some have their own affiliate relationships, some have their own product catalogs or use Semantics3, some have their own virtual credit card providers.

The API partners usually have their own order management system and use Two Tap in conjunction with Shopify’s API, ChannelAdvisor, Zinc, or manual order placing teams on the backend.

Features like the real time product inventory, which deployed customer facing are annoying due to 5-10sec checks, when used in the background super-charge our partners’ product catalogs to ensure that at most one shopper would add an out of stock product to their carts.

The API partners love the 24/7 support over Slack and have a direct line of communication with the staff building & maintaining integrations.

Over the past year we’ve started filtering for the right customer fit by raising our API prices significantly.

New products for new audiences

At the beginning of the year we decided to deprecate the Cart, our web layer on top of the API that we were offering as a simple way to integrate the API. We haven’t focused on this product for years and haven’t seen any evidence that universal shopping carts frames drive conversions.

Giving up on the Cart and the filtering of API partners allowed us to rethink how Two Tap can help eCommerce entrepreneurs get started without investing huge of money and resources. Our future products in this space will embrace the existing ecosystem instead of trying to rebuild everything from scratch.

We have some exciting product news coming soon. And a new website. If you want a preview email us, support@twotap.com.