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Publisher Spotlight: Blue Kangaroo

Products and Deals, Just for You!

“With Two Tap, Blue Kangaroo’s users can complete their purchases more quickly and easily without ever leaving the site or mobile app” – Anthony Ford

It’s mid-February and that means in most parts of the country it’s Winter. Finding the perfect cold weather jacket to hit the slopes and gloves might be on the top of your shopping list. The good news is that shopping doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Blue Kangaroo allows you to customize your favorite deals and shopping steals all in one place to find the perfect items you have been looking for.

Blue Kangaroo is a personalized search engine for products where users are shown coupon codes and price history for certain products. Coming soon, users will be able to receive price drop alerts on certain products to their desired price. When interacting on the site, users will be shown live product feeds of what users are shopping for in real-time. Truly, a interactive experience for the online shopper. Think of it as your own personal shopper, enabling you to explore and find offers, deals and discount coupons. Blue Kangaroo delivers to its users the right offer at the right time all in a single platform. Blue Kangaroo maintains a roster of over 3,000 retail brands and distribution partners.

Blue Kangaroo sorts daily deals for your personalized interests. No more cluttered email inboxes. Consumers go in and select the brands and categories they are interested in receiving offers from and the Blue Kangaroo recommendation engine serves up relevant content information.

Read on to learn more about how Blue Kangaroo implemented Two Tap to deliver a seamless checkout experience for its users.

Please describe your company

Blue Kangaroo is a social shopping service that provides shopping recommendations to its users via its website, mobile apps, and browser extensions. Its website and mobile apps show users what people like them are shopping for right now based on their shopping preferences. Its services also include price history, price drop alerts, price comparison, coupon codes, wish lists, and various social shopping features. Through its apps and browser extensions, Blue Kangaroo alerts users to deals while they are shopping and can keep track of their entire shopping history for them. Shopping histories of over 6 million users are the core of Blue Kangaroo’s powerful deals and product recommendation service.

Who is using your product?

Blue Kangaroo is used by online shoppers of all ages. Users can find all their favorite stores and discover new ones they’ll love. Anyone who shops at Kohl’s, Amazon, GameStop, Victoria’s Secret, Petco, and over 3,000 other online stores can get personalized products and deals.

What do users love about your product?

Blue Kangaroo users can do all their shopping in one place while getting personalized product and deal recommendations. They add products from all over the web to their wish lists and get notified when an item they want is on sale or when coupons are available at their favorite stores.

What were the challenges you faced prior to Two Tap?

Prior to Two Tap, Blue Kangaroo did not have its own checkout, and users had to leave the site or mobile app to complete their purchase at the merchant’s websites. With Two Tap users are able to complete their purchase directly within the session without being re-directed.

How did using Two Tap change the way your users interact with your app?

With Two Tap, Blue Kangaroo’s users can complete their purchases more quickly and easily without ever leaving the site or mobile app, and they can use Blue Kangaroo’s coupon codes in the Two Tap checkout. Users who save their shipping and billing information get an even speedier checkout.

We welcome Blue Kangaroo to Two Tap!

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Publisher Spotlight: Bloglovin’

Shop the latest looks from the top fashion bloggers!

“I already have the Bloglovin’ blog app, and this app is perfect to make those travel clothes easier to find! Love this app!”. – Customer Review

Looking for the perfect date night outfit? Need some VDay inspiration? Thinking about new sandals for the beach? Discover the latest fashion trends and connect with influencers from all around the world based on your interests and tastes on Bloglovin’. Founded in 2007, Bloglovin allows you to follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones all in one place within a beautiful interface.

With over 8 million active users and 750,000 registered bloggers, Bloglovin’ is the ultimate destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle-obsessed users to discover, consume and share professionally produced content from top influencers around the world. The Bloglovin’ Shop app is an extension of the Bloglovin’ brand dedicated to mobile commerce by providing influencers with the ability to make their blog posts shoppable. Shop items from brands such as TopShop, ASOS, Net-a-Porter and many others.

Discover and Start Shopping

By implementing the Two Tap Cart, users of the Bloglovin’ Shop app have the ability to buy items directly inside the app from top content creators and influencers individual sites in real-time, allowing for truly inspired shopping 24/7.

With a unified feature set and single API, Bloglovin’ Shop was able to implement and deliver a seamless checkout experience for its users by using Two Tap.

Join Bloglovin’ Today

Become a Bloglovin’ Shop member today and start following your favorite blogs for your own personalized interest based experience. Start loving your favorite products and save the looks that inspire you.

Download the Bloglovin’ Shop app and start shopping the latest looks from top fashion bloggers!

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TrendBrew Accelerates Time to Market and Scales to 4,000+ Retailers Using Two Tap and Indix

Build or Integrate?

When TrendBrew decided to embark on a journey to create “A Social Trending Network” for e-commerce, food, sports, media and entertainment, they had a decision to make. Would they build their product data and checkout infrastructure themselves, or would they partner with other companies to do it?

TrendBrew didn’t have a small vision. Their vision was to deliver a network where influencers and shoppers could identify and purchase top trending products from 100s of retailers at a one-stop shop.

TrendBrew planned to build a trending network that had multiple offers for each product, that would aggregate and link blogs and videos to specific products, and that would allow shoppers to easily earn rewards. They needed a lot of selection and simplicity—the ease of socially buzzing with a single click and a seamless checkout experience was critical.

Speed Matters

“We considered developing the capabilities in-house, but we quickly realized that meeting aggressive time-to-market deadlines and scaling up retailers would be challenging,” said Shirish Arashanapalli, Founder and CEO of TrendBrew. “Speed was absolutely critical.”

TrendBrew wanted to launch in less than a year, and needed to design, build the platform, form affiliate partnerships, and launch. After careful evaluation, TrendBrew selected Indix to provide product information and offers and Two Tap to enable a seamless checkout experience via its light-weight universal shopping cart technology.

Scaling Fast

TrendBrew soft launched in the first week of September 2015 with over 1.2Million page views and 400K product views in the first three months. Inbound traffic included bloggers, stylists, fashion designers, shoppers, and online boutiques from USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and India—exactly the audience they were trying to reach.

By integrating Indix for product information and the Two Tap universal shopping cart TrendBrew was able to focus their efforts on product design and building partnerships. TrendBrew is an affiliate partner of 160 retailers and brands, including Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Timex, Nike, and several others.

“With Indix, we retrieve product information across thousands of retailers with just one simple API call. This allowed us to scale up to over 4,000 retailers almost immediately,” said Arashanapalli. “Two Tap allows our users to seamlessly add items and go through the checkout process in the most frictionless way without leaving our site. We also love Two Tap’s real-time product availability check, which means that our users check out with accurate pricing and in- stock information.”

Using Indix product information and the Two Tap lightweight shopping cart allowed TrendBrew to launch a beautiful, fun social commerce network in only a few months. TrendBrew is now looking forward to scaling to millions of users with Two Tap and Indix.

About TrendBrew

TrendBrew is a social commerce network connecting shoppers and influencers (Bloggers, Vloggers, Stylists, Fashion Designers, etc.) in an ecosystem consisting of retailers, brands, boutiques and card networks.TrendBrew’s unique network aggregates top trending products from over 4,000 retailers. It provides multiple offers for each product and price comparison, and users earn rewards for every purchase. Users can also “Wish My Price” or populate “My Timeline” and get personalized offers.

Get started today with your very own Trendbrew account and start earning rewards through personalized offers and saving money.

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