The power of influence in driving shopping behavior and decisions is real. Information is powerful. When you know more you are equipped differently (good or bad) to make a decision. Since launching Two Tap in 2013, we continue to work towards delivering on our mission to “Provide the most intelligent set of API tools enabling eCommerce to happen everywhere”. We believe in enabling access to information when needed most – and in our business it is at the intention point in the purchase funnel.

Delivering on our mission began with one of our core features, the real-time product availability API that delivers an accurate shopping experience to the consumer by displaying only the products and specific product attributes that are in stock. From there we continued to improve our tools by estimating shipping and sales tax within the checkout experience.

We continued product development by adding the ability to display different product galleries for different product colors. That led to adding support for complete product descriptions and displaying retailer return policies. Supporting our mission to deliver on equipping consumers with information they need to make personalized shopping experiences, we added the ability for the consumer to pick a shipping option (cheapest or fastest) directly inside the Two Tap Cart.

At this point all of these features are readily available to thousands of retailers, without requiring any kind of integration. We were missing coupons though.

Coupons are an influence tool that retailers often use to push a consumer from initial interest to a completed purchase. They also have a large influence on increasing loyalty. Coupons also have the power to make the consumer feel happier with their shopping decision knowing they they were able to apply a coupon and take advantage of a great deal.

While coupon support was always baked into Two Tap, we had no way of knowing if a coupon is valid, and if it was, for what value. When someone added a coupon inside the Two Tap Cart we would have to ask the shopper to confirm the order once we knew if the coupon was valid or not. Not the best experience.

Introducing network-wide coupon support

We’re happy to announce that estimating site-wide coupons directly inside the Two Tap Cart is now live. Starting today, if a store has a coupon for “50% off any order of $150 or more” for example, Two Tap will show and accurately display that discount directly inside all shopping carts.

While Two Tap can not estimate product/category specific coupons, we’ve improved our existing infrastructure to return a descriptive label.

If you have currently integrated the Two Tap Cart, the good news is you don’t have to do anything to activate this feature. Coupon estimation has been enabled in the background.

If you are using the API we’ve updated our cart/estimates docs here: