We are proud to announce our partnership today with CJ Affiliate during their annual CJU conference in Santa Barbara. Two Tap is revolutionizing eCommerce by delivering a universal checkout technology that allows consumers to seamlessly transact everywhere.

“This partnership allows marketers to redefine their online shopping experience,” said Executive Vice President of Customer Experience, Lisa Riolo. “The days of researching products on one site and having to purchase them on another are over.”

CJ Affiliate by Conversant selected Two Tap as its exclusive technology supplier to power seamless checkout experiences across its network of publishers and retailers. After evaluating other options in the market, CJ Affiliate chose Two Tap for a number of reasons including our scale and adoption thus far, our proprietary Pass-Through Model and our real-time product availability API that checks if a product is in stock before an order is placed.

“Redefining how shoppers transact online has been our sole focus from day one, and I’m thrilled that CJ Affiliate has chosen us to enable this across their entire network,” said CEO of Two Tap, Razvan Roman. “Two Tap is the first and only one to offer this capability and we believe it will forever change the way we shop online.”

Start activating your in-app buy button and commerce API with CJ Affiliate by Conversant, powered by Two Tap. Free sign-up and no integration required.

Retailers love Two Tap as we have made getting started simple. No integration required. No infrastructure maintenance required. Just sign up and start approving channels to sell to. Are you a retailer? Learn more and sign up today