In case you haven’t read about it yet, Amazon launched a tiny button that orders stuff (like consumables) automatically when you press it. It’s called Amazon Dash. They also announced a program for partners called Amazon Dash Replenishment Service where device makers can embed buttons for easy replenishment of consumables.

Here at the Two Tap tech department we feel this is an amazing step forward and we are look forward to bowing down to our washing machines overlords.

But as we were reading the docs we were disappointed by a couple of things: you need to have the amazon app installed, you have to be a prime member, and it takes TEN lines of code to integrate it.

Another big issue is automatic ordering with one tap. There’s no confirm step! We remember being kids and having the temptation of a shiny button just sitting there, staring at us, begging us to click it. Surely there has to be a better way.

Introducing Quicky

Quicky is needlessy reinventing the inexistent device replenishment market. We have managed to boil everything down to a total of FOUR lines of code. Which already makes it 60% better.

How to use Quicky

First you make a call to quicky.

curl "

Then you implement the sms_confirm_url on your end which can take as little as three lines of code. The implementation could probably be finished in a couple of minutes.

How Quicky works

Quicky will send a text message to the shopper’s phone with a link to start the checkout process. With one tap it opens a checkout interface inside Safari. Shoppers have to enter their data the first time (yeah, we know), and for all future orders they will only have to enter their CVV.

Now, you might think that entering the CVV every time is a hassle, but we feel this confirmation step is actually how it should work. Leaving aside ‘what does this button do’ temptations, once printers become sentient this feature is going to save humanity.

How to implement Quicky

Quicky is live, and you can starting using it NOW. The full docs are here, you can use it with any product from our 650+ supported stores. It works on any phone with a modern browser and requires no app installation.

Test out Quicky below. We’ve prefilled a product but you need to enter your phone number.


Test Quicky

function testQuicky() {
var quickyPath = ‘’;
var productURL = document.querySelector(‘#quicky_product_url’).value;
var phone = document.querySelector(‘#quicky_phone’).value;

if (!productURL || productURL.length == 0 || !phone || phone.length == 0) {
alert(“Please enter a product URL and a phone number”);

quickyPath += “?public_token=6ad2af4e0e1e2fb08de9&sms_confirm_url=”;
quickyPath += “&phone=” + phone;
quickyPath += “&products=” + productURL;

ajax.get(quickyPath, {}, function(data) {
data = JSON.parse(data);
if (data[‘message’] == ‘done’) {
alert(‘Message sent!’);
} else {
alert(“Couldn’t send the message. Are you sure you entered everything OK?”);

return false;

var el = document.querySelector(‘#test_quicky’);
el.onclick = testQuicky;

Long live our future overlords, ‘Purple Paper Eater’ and ‘Washee washee’.