Hey everyone!

Here’s some updates on Two Tap’s API:

Simpler API endpoints

Our previous API endpoints were designed at the beginning of 2013. Our backend infrastructure for placing orders was significantly clunkier as we were still learning how everything should be pieced together.

Just as an example, when we initially designed Two Tap, the /purchase_confirm would actually start a whole new instance instead of waiting for confirmation. Obviously suboptimal. While we changed that a long time ago in the backend, we kept the same endpoints for legacy reasons. And this just one example.

To simplify everything we’ve decided to make some changes to how the API structure is named.

Previously there were:

  • /add_to_cart
  • /add_to_cart/status
  • /purchase_estimates
  • /purchase_info
  • /purchase_info/status
  • /purchase_confirm
  • /purchase_confirm/status

In the new version the endpoints are:

  • /cart
  • /cart/status
  • /cart/estimates
  • /purchase
  • /purchase/status
  • /purchase/confirm

api.twotap.com is backwards compatible, which means any existing code
can still use the previous naming scheme. We have no plans of removing that compatibility for as long as we keep the API at v1.0.

Secondary images

Two Tap already supported different images for different colors on each product. We now return all the available product images instead of just one per color. In the HTML5 interface you can now zoom and see images fullscreen – available throughout all integrations immediately.

We’re still processing working on enabling this for all the retailers and the teamx is expected to finish this process by the end of the week.

New dashboard design

Two Tap also rolled out a new design for our dashboard which now features a new onboarding flow which makes it easier for developers to get started with Two Tap. More features and sections will be added to this dashboard in the future.