Most of Two Tap’s developers are either actively looking for or already using product feeds in their apps, on mobile and desktop.

Semantics3 provide product feed data for over 35 million products and have amassed an impressive list of developers that are using their service since they started offering it. Some of them are actively looking for a solution to streamline ecommerce in their apps to increase affiliate revenue and provide convenience to shoppers worldwide.

Our announcement today is centered around our Two Tap and Semantics3 working together to make developers lives easier. Two Tap API keys can be instantly released to any Semantics3 app developers directly in the dashboard. A new section is available under the Applications section that can release a Two Tap API key at the click of a button.

By bridging the Semantics3 docs and the Two Tap docs here’s what a complete integration for buying a random product in Rails
looks like: