A significant percentage of carts are lost due to customer input errors. This is true especially on devices that don’t have a full keyboard.

We’re all guilty of making a decision to buy something, going through the data input quickly for a checkout and then getting an error at the end. A significant amount of orders are lost in the process.

We’re announcing the Two Tap Concierge service as an answer to this. It’s a simple evolution of our product that extends into direct customer service. At the end of any transaction, if there’s been difficulties in placing the order a customer can select to be contacted to fix the problem.

Having the assurance of someone looking after your order is a step towards achieving convenient buying on any platform, in any context. Two Tap Concierge is an opt-in service available to customers using Two Tap Checkout and is available on a per order basis.

In typical fashion, premium support is requested with just two taps or clicks depending on the used platform.

Two Tap Concierge now supports email and phone support and is available throughout the Two Tap publisher network immediately.