TL;DR Read more and check Supported Stores on amber.checkout or install directly in Chrome App Store.

The benefit of having a smart wallet is being able to use it everywhere. You can now re-use your amberExpress buying data also on Google’s Chrome to skip entering the same data again and again. It’s the one-click checkout for the whole web, click here to activate it! (ok, 2 step checkout, we’re still working on that)

amber.checkout, a product we’ve initially released early July in the Google Chrome store leverages the API and re-uses a customer’s shipping and billing data (shared with amberExpress) across more than 100 merchants to make online shopping checkouts as simple and convenient as possible.

Here’s the facts:
-available free in the Google Chrome store
-100+ supported merchants
-skip entering payment data repeatedly
-realtime order placing with sales tax, shipping estimate and review step

Download it at or directly in the Chrome Store and let us know what you think. If you haven’t already, also install amberExpress on your iOS devices for a more integrated and convenient way to shop. is a PCI DSS compliant solution. For extra security, we never store your CVV code.

We’re getting ready to announce some big updates, stay close.